About Us

Our Story

Electricity. A commodity taken for granted in most countries and modern cities today. However, it is not only unreliable in many places today but often inexistent.

Our multi-cultural and overseas experience, combined with a passion to help others have become the catalyst to a vision for infrastructure development to empower communities around the world.

In 2012, a meeting with the founder of a non-profit organization focused on promoting, training and encouraging indigenous populations in the Amazon Rainforest led to a partnership to design and install solar energy solutions for two medical centres in remote communities deep in the jungle.

Seeing the social impact that our projects are having in many communities, our vision is to partner with organizations engaged in similar community-driven projects and help provide energy solutions that are affordable, modular, adaptive and connected.

Our Team

Russ Swaim

Co-Founder and VP of Business Development

Russ’s background is in organizational leadership and coaching.

Over the last 19 years he has worked with organizations, companies, and individuals to propel them toward greater profitability and significance through consulting and coaching.

He has lived in New York City, Shanghai, and Vancouver, where he received a master’s degree from Regent College. Russ has experienced the impact of crossing cultures and understands the unique challenges it brings for building effective teams and communicating effectively.

Ricardo Moromisato


Ricardo’s passion to help people has prompted him to leave his comfort zone, often taking his family to unexpected places and meeting unexpected people.

At this stage in his life and career, he desires to apply his background in electronics engineering technology, his experience in energy management and product development, and his passion to help others with appropriate technology where is needed most.