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the need

for off-grid electricity

1.1 billion people – roughly 15% of the world’s population
 do not have access to electricity.

2.8 million premature deaths per year worldwide is estimated due to the use of candles, kerosene and other polluting fuels used for lighting and cooking.

Source: International Energy Agency, Energy Access Outlook 2017

a viable solution

nano-grid systems

Decentralized systems, led by solar photovoltaics in off-grid and mini-grid systems, will be the least-cost solution for three-quarters of the additional energy requirements.





Why Empower2Transform?

Infrastructure development, including the establishment of reliable energy sources, empowers communities to acquire essential social services such as schools and clinics, improve existing services such as potable water and communications, and create new opportunities for micro-business and social enterprises aimed at poverty alleviation and improving quality of life.

Empower2Transform’s vision is to be a catalyst for community transformation by providing innovative renewable energy solutions.

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Worth Waiting for: Power for “House of Hope” Clinic

Community Transformation is why Empower2Transform exists. Our desire is to impact small communities for good. Last week, our partner, Engitech Africa, was finally able to deliver a 5kWh solar power power generator to a clinic in southwest Kenya. Those living around the House of Hope Medical Center have been longing for this delivery of power. This couldn’t come fast enough. Read about the impact one power station had on this Kenyan community of 197,000 people.